Antonio, Managing Director, Total Oil Malaysia

Antonio began working at Total as Supply Manager at Totalgaz Argentina in December 1999. His career with Total has taken him to Spain, Portugal, France, Singapore and South Korea. He speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Antonio’s Achievements

Antonio was born in Oporto, Portugal. He earned a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, and in Aeronautical Engineering from ENSICA. Since Antonio arrived in Malaysia in April 2013, his finest achievement has been to introduce the country's first fuel economy lubricants, allowing Total Oil Malaysia customers to reduce both fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Antonio’s Commitment to Better Energy

As Managing Director, Antonio is encouraging Total's customers to use solar power by:
1. Proposing solar solutions to key customers like mines and palm oil mills.
2. Considering solar energy for display boards used in workshops.
3. Including solar energy in Total Oil Malaysia's CSR policy to provide access to energy for the poor.

Antonio’s Private Life

Despite Antonio’s contribution to Total, he is a family man. He has been married for 26 years and has five children; three are currently in Kuala Lumpur and two are working in Europe. His hobbies are spending time with his family, golf, tennis, traveling and reading, especially history.


"I am proud to be the Managing Director of Total Oil Malaysia and to live in the beautiful, diverse city of Kuala Lumpur."

Short Resume

  • Antonio’s Professional Experience

    Many years in Seoul, Singapore, Paris, Buenos Aires and Paris

  • April 2013 to present

    Managing Director, Total Oil Malaysia 

  • September 1986-1994

    Technical Lubricant Engineer, Technical Manager and Sales Industry Manager with Total in Lisbon, Portugal (Fina Portuguesa)

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