Siew-Fong, Her Dedication to Health, Safety and the Environment

Siew-Fong  joined TOTAL E&P Malaysia in 2010 to broaden her knowledge base in the Oil & Gas industry. She is Head of Geo-information and her role is to manage geosciences data as efficiently as possible, and to provide end users with the most relevant and valid information all along the exploration chain.  Joining TOTAL has been a great opportunity for her to develop her skills in the exploration business and to enhance her technological innovation capabilities within this global energy company

Five Years with Total

Working for TOTAL E&P Malaysia has encouraged her to be an all-rounder and to reach her full potential with the collaboration and trust that has been given to her by the team.

Recognition and appreciation from the company are what motivates her professionally and helps her reach another career milestone. She realized the TOTAL group is becoming ever more established in Malaysia with excellent communication and mutual support among its collaborators.  

Her Commitment to Better Energy

As part of the exploration team, she puts health, safety and environment concerns as her top priority and contributes to the cost awareness culture exercise in the business.

She believes this will bring value to TOTAL E&P Malaysia to explore energy reserves with greater efficiency and will help create a sustainable model for the next generation.

She strongly believes that a “Better data means better energy” for the oil and gas business and is ambitious to ensure reliable, efficient and “eco-friendly” databases.


Her Life.

She treasures the free time spent with her family and likes to escape the busy city life, taking them for outings and sporting activities including swimming and jogging.


“I am happy that TOTAL is giving me the opportunity to learn French locally in Malaysia and also the French culture. This has been a great achievement in my life."


  • 2010 to present

    Head of Geoinformation, Total E&P Malaysia

  • 2007-2010

    G&G Application Support Team Leader, Schlumberger SIS

  • 2003-2007

    G&G Application Support Geoscientist, Schlumberger SIS

  • 2002-2003

    Geophysicist, Sapura Crest Petroleum

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