Petronas Total Technology Symposium

The main objective of the Petronas Technology Symposium was to demonstrate Total's technical expertise in exploration and production, given that technological excellence is a key to our partnership. The Symposium was designed to help pave the way for Total E&P's future growth in Malaysia and to strengthen Total’s presence with Petronas and in the local market. 

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    Around 250 people attended the Plenary session for the opening address

Technical Challenges for Offshore Carbon Dioxide Removal Systems

The increase in both domestic and international demand for natural gas is prompting Petronas to explore new gas fields. Fields containing sour gas — gas with a high carbon dioxide content — need to be developed to sustain supply. The key to unlocking the abundant potential of sour gas fields off the shore of Malaysia is technology. Petronas has assessed several currently available gas separation technologies, including membrane, pressure swing adsorption, amine and cryogenic distillation. Based on research and project development experience, the most promising, efficient and cost effective way to bulk remove offshore carbon dioxide (up to 50%) today is membrane adsorption. A technical collaboration with a technology provider has been set up to undertake this task.

Speeding Up Implementation of New Technology

Total has developed Proqual, an internal method of evaluating and qualifying innovative technologies before selecting them during development engineering so as to address upstream their potential risks and uncertainties. The method is based on a performance review, the maturity of sub-components and the potential failures and ways of mitigating them. Addressing these uncertainties at an early stage facilitates the implementation of new technologies in Total’s developments. This method is useful for technologies requiring multidisciplinary expertise. It can be applied at the different stages of development engineering and enables us to plan issue resolution and pre-qualification before a project gets under way.

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