Unggit, Logistics Coordinator, TOTAL E&P Malaysia (TEPMY)


Unggit comes from a remote longhouse area in Bintulu, Sarawak East Malaysia.  He started his formal primary school in Kuala Kebulu, a small village, which is only accessible by longboat from the Bintulu town.Coming from remote area did not dampen his parent’s spirit to assist him to pursue his formal education.  Unggit was determined to obtain his degree in Economics and Business from the Malaysia Sarawak University.


Achievements / Years with Total.

Unggit joined TOTAL as a contracted staff in May 2011. Due to his involvement in the job and his skills in logistics, he was then offered a permanent position as logistic coordinator after 10 months working.In his job, he is responsible to ensuring all logistics operations are performed according to safety standards, compliance to rules, within time and budget.


Sharing Total’s values

He believes that the young generations of today is anessential resources of the future energy. Thus, he practices and trains his family members to use energy efficiently and only when needed.

A strong commitment to his family

He values the family bonding as the main factor to be successful in life.When he is away from home on a business trip, he make sure to speak to his children least 15 minutes every night .He separates business from family matters. Indeed, he always spare a different space and zone between these two priorities.


Fantastic experience! My work allows me to meet and work with different people having different ethnical and religious background for all around the globe. Working in different time zones is the only limit that we have!

Short Resume

  • 2015 - to this date

    Logistics Coordinator, Total E&P Malaysia

  • 2008 - 2011

    Operation Manager, Majudaco Sdn Bhd

  • 2005 - 2007

    Operation Manager, Anjung Mantap Shipping & Logistic Sdn Bhd

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